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Park Food Festival Kavala

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20 Jun

Park Food Festival Kavala

      When: 13 – 14 June

     Organizers: Action Team and Park Food Festival – Kavala.

     Where: Faliro Park, Kavala City

Park Food Festival – Kavala is a feast on food and music, which is scheduled to take place on 13 & 14 July (18:00 – 00:00).
A festival with many flavors, for visitors, from all over Greece and the world, in the specially designed park of Faliro. The Park Food Festival will offer a unique wine tasting experience, with a wide variety of “street cuisines – bar and exhibitions”.
More specifically, the event will include:
-Shopping places where favorite dining venues will be created, which will create particularly tasty dishes.
-Specially designed stalls with stalls so that guests enjoy their food.
– Producer hosting venues for the purpose of exhibiting and selling local products.
– Cooking points where ethnic cuisine will be performed with renowned chefs from the Chefs Club of Greek Gastronomy.
– Children’s Exposition for Good Nutrition by WWF Greece (Program: Better Lives).
– Children’s workshops for food, from the La Maison De Gourmet cooking school and Action Team volunteers.
– Thematic “street graffiti” by the artistic group Caps and Cans.
– Musical platform in which Love Itoya will be performed with the Neapolis (13/7), the Kostas Zekos and the Soundgangsters (13/7) and Penny Baltatzi with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Kavala 14/7).
– Information on the dietary habits of the peoples, nutrition advice and presentation of the dietary pyramid by the Association of Dieticians and Nutritionists of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
– Food collection area for poor families of social grocery.
A very beautiful gourmet weekend is being prepared to take place in a delicious Kavala park, where no one should lose.
Organization: Action Team & Happy Elephant.

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